Who we are

E&D Group is bringing new initiatives and expertise to the aluminum industry. Our group works with partners worldwide and implements top industry standards for international operations.

Here in E&D we analyze and evaluate complex global, competitive markets and provide a reliable, flexible, and timely service. We work with the leading providers of foil manufacturing technology, machinery, and raw materials and will continue to do so to keep our competitive edge.

E&D Group provides customized aluminum foil on-demand, based on the specifications of our customers. Our products include, but are not limited to, aluminum household foil, aluminum catering foil, and aluminum food containers. Our service also includes stretch film (for both industrial and household needs) and PET trays and lids.


Why chose E&D Group

Our staff’s reliable and customer-friendly approach has been the foundation of E&D group. Our mission is to provide a quality product and excellent customer service for businesses of all sizes. We only work with top vendors and industry leaders in technology and raw material procurement.

Respect to Environment:

It is all our core responsibility to leave a better world to future generations. We here as an E&D group take every necessary step to make sure our operations are matching our and international health and safety regulations. We also make sure to adopt sustainable production operations.

The materials we use are 100% percent recyclable and bio-degradable.


We believe our understanding of others gives us unique characteristics and appreciation. We constantly improve ourselves to make sure remain in a productive and positive manner.


We give high attention to detail, plan ahead carefully and take initiative to make sure we provide the most urgent solutions.


Our industry has been evolving so fast that those who fail to adapt to change are being left out of the competition. We follow up with the industry and the evolving technology on a daily basis to adapt ourselves to competition and to take innovative measures to give us further spark.